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Deutzerhof - growing wine in harmony with nature
Wolfgang Hehle puts a clear emphasis on cultivating wine in a nature-oriented way. A good wine grower is well aware of nature's principles that have always been valid and will be valid in future. So he wants to keep his vineyard as natural as possible. The green ground with various herbs and grass between the rows of vines regulate humidity and fertility of the soil. Only the so-called "Bogrebe" is being cut, and cut back and selected several times before the actual grape harvest. This harvest takes place very late in the year in order to receive only fully ripened grapes. This strategy can be quite risky. However, we do not only work unconventionally but are courageous, too.

Deutzerhof - traditional wine making
At the Deutzerhof we do not like industrial mass production or new technologies for developing wine. We prefer the traditional, natural and wise way of vinification. The typical development in new and old oak barrels brings forward the individual terroir taste. This produces the classical but individual high quality wines of strong character, which are so typical for the Deutzerhof.

Deutzerhof - extraordinary wines
Many a client are surprised that we grow wine so far north. Yet, all great wines of the world are cultivated in moderate climates. The wines of Deutzerhof have regularly been awarded for their iridescent colour, their aristocratic robe (quite similar to the high vines in Burgundy) with immensely intense fruit and brilliant glossiness, opulent dense fruit and spicy flavours, complex nuances, fruity and velvety structure in the mouth. Such are the splendid Deutzerhof Pinot Noirs. However, Wolfgang Hehle makes a point of producing the classic and very distinctive, unmistakable Ahr wine.
Another specialty of the Deutzerhof: The elegantly smooth Riesling wines. Which Riesling cultivated so far north offers such a complexity in flavours of candied fruit and Mediterranean herbs, such immense fruity density and spicy acidity like these elegantly sweet Deutzerhof Riesling ice wines, the Beerenauslese or Trockenbeerenauslese?

Proprietor: Hella and Wolfgang Hehle
Consulting / Sales: Wolfgang Hehle / Hans-Jörg Lüchau