Unser Weingut gehört zu den besten 100 deutschen Weingütern


Deutzerhof - best steep slopes facing south
Hardly anywhere vineyards are as steep as in the narrow valley of the river Ahr. The forests above the vineyards protect the vines from cold snaps. The ground, rocks and vineyard walls of slate and the local greywacke stone store the heat of the sun during the day and pass it on to the vines at night. As a result the territory has a genuine Mediterranean micro climate. Even the grapes of the late sorts like Riesling or Pinot Noir can ripen fully on the vine thus producing exquisite top quality wines.

Deutzerhof - vineyards like from good old times
The old vineyards of Deutzerhof in Mayschoss or Altenahr today are still like in the "good old days": small, steep, terraced parcels of land. The ground is meagre. The vines are forced to grow deep into the soil to find the nutrients and minerals that make the rare and very special flavours and tastes of the grapes. Deutzerhof built up the old decaying vineyard walls and restored the little terraces. A cog railway makes the hard work in the extremely steep slopes a little easier so the wine growing estate Deutzerhof can also in future profit from the high quality these steep slopes offer. And also in future the Deutzerhof vineyards will remain old cultivated land with room for a multitude of endangered species of animals and plants.

Deutzerhof - small harvest from ancient vines
The quality and environment oriented credo of Deutzerhof is quite simple: Quality comes before quantity. The greatest treasure of Deutzerhof are the very old non grafted vines. Very typical for centuries and special for the steep slopes of the river Ahr is a sort of Pinot Noir with small grapes called "Kaasten". The Riesling vines are over fifty years old and the Portugieser vines date back to the year 1927.


Location and size
of the vineyards

Altenahrer Eck 140 ar (100 ar = 1 ha)
Laacher Berg 50 ar
Mayschosser Burgberg 110 ar
Mayschosser Mönchberg 210 ar
Recher Herrenberg 45 ar
Ahrweiler Daubhaus 95 ar
Neuenahrer Kirchtürmchen 40 ar
Heimersheimer Landskrone 130 ar
Lohrsdorf 80 ar


75 % Pinot Noir 6,66 ha
  9 % Riesling 0,81 ha
  7 % Dornfelder 0,63 ha
  7 % Frühgurgunder 0,63 ha
  2 % Chardonnay 0,18 ha
  1 % Portugieser 0,09 ha